First Successful test and X-ray emission

UPDATE: this setup was NOT successfully producing x-rays, see future posts as to why and how I fixed it.

I did a quick test of the ZVS based X-ray system to see how well it would work, if at all. I operated the tube in it’s cold cathode configuration by putting a voltage of around 65,000 volts across the plate and cathode. I recently bought and assembled my new Geiger counter which is an awesome Mightyohm kit (Thanks Jeff!) and used it to detect the x-rays as they were emitted. Due to the design of the tube (high voltage triode) it emits a conical beam from the cathode around the base, and drives the Geiger counter crazy. The X-rays are very low energy, as the Geiger would stop detecting when taken a few feet away, essentially background. That of course didn’t stop me from using lead shielding. The reason I did this project was to determine how easy it would be to generate x-rays for a low cost. I won an eBay auction for a box of tubes, and this RCA triode was in it. I read the datasheet and it has a high tendency to emit x-rays above 16kv plate voltage, so I figured a scavenged flyback and ZVS driver would do the trick, and it definitely does. I had to play with my primary windings on the flyback, and now it has a nominal operating voltage of around 60kv. I will follow up with a video of It operating soon.


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