Generating X-rays

UPDATE: this setup was NOT successfully producing x-rays, see future posts as to why and how I fixed it.

I finished the X-ray generator this weekend and mounted it on its final base. I made a previous post telling of my success in testing it, and it works very well. When I built this I had my doubts how well it would work since I wasn’t so sure a ZVS and flyback setup would drive the tube in its cold cathode configuration. Turns out that it can, and it works very well. I had to take a few turns off my primary to boost the voltage, as this tube is quite twitchy when it comes to X-ray emission. As I stated previously, I will be using this setup to activate a fluorescent x-ray intensifier inside the chamber of my fluorescence spectrometer.  Also, the beam path of this tube appears to be a cone shape, based on my detection setup. I will also get a real x-ray tube to play with when I get some money for one, this project was just to see If I could produce x-rays with the materials I had.



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