IBM Fluorescence detector

I was looking for some interesting lab analytical equipment recently, and ended up buying a Fluorescence spectrometer off eBay for a very low price. It is an IBM LC/9524H and was sold for parts.

 Upon receiving the item, it looked clean and was well packaged, however the internals were worse for wear. It appeared that this device had been through a quite catastrophic failure. There are four large PCBs in the measurement unit, the flow cell being a separate module inside the case. The four PCBs are for power conditioning and displaying data on the scale or to be sent out the back to a recorder that I do not have unfortunately. It appeared that one of the power conditioning cards had arced over, resulting in a hole getting blown right through the board. The other power conditioning circuit also had a broken trace, so I soldered in jumpers to reconnect the broken traces in true bodgy fashion. After replacing the fuse that had blown, I plugged it in and attempted o power it up. At first nothing happens, but upon switching the UV lamp switch on, it proceeded to glow a nice cold blue from the case and the scale showed .06 milliamperes in test mode. I do not know how to get this to measurement mode but it shows signs of life at least. I then tore down the Flow cell and photomultiplier module.

When I first got it I had figured it had a some sort of sensitive light detector but was not sure if it had a photomultiplier due to the lack of documentation. To my pleasant surprise, It did! I have always wanted to play with photomultiplier tubes and now I have one with a convenient driver!

More soon


One thought on “IBM Fluorescence detector

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