ZVS Flyback driver for X-ray tube driver

So today I built up this ZVS flyback driver to drive a high voltage triode that I picked up off eBay. The tube I picked up has an x-ray warning printed on it and the datasheet mentions 2.5 mr/h of x-radiation. Not a great deal but certainly enough to experiment with and also enough to require appropriate shielding and detection. This is a step in a larger project that I have been planning. I received an x-ray intensifier from my dentist upon request and wanted to put it to use in some way. After tearing down my Fluorescence spectrometer I figured a good experiment would be to cut a piece of intensifier out and put it in the Photomultiplier chamber. I will use that to detect the extremely low light levels of high energy waves illuminating the screen such as cosmic rays and x-rays. X-rays will most likely saturate the photomultiplier due to the fact that the intensifier is designed to illuminate when struck by them. I will also use the rest of the intensifier to take x-ray scans of objects of course. Not living things, but perhaps everyday objects such as a cell phone, or remote control. Aside; X-rays can be dangerous if one does not take into account x-ray safety. More importantly, The incredibly high voltages can be lethal, so care must be taken when working with them.


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