X-ray failure.

My last post about my x-ray generator was a video speaking of its success, however, this was not the case. I had noticed that the machine was not operating as it should have been if it was generating x-rays, but I had results, so I stopped there, until went to tweak it. I bought a high voltage test probe off eBay to test voltages on various devices, and found my output voltage to the tube was 10,000 volts, far below the threshold of x-ray production in this specific tube. I also noticed no tube fluorescence, when x-rays are produced in a vacuum tube, a dull blue glow should be present from the glass fluorescing, I had never seen this phenomena before, so I wasn’t sure what to look for. The Geiger counter behavior was the biggest tipoff though. When measuring x-radiation, the Geiger counter should be able to detect x-rays at most any distance, since x-rays can travel large distances and some higher energy ones even penetrate through objects before losing too much energy, these x-rays would bounce around the room and be detected by the counter. Instead, I had to hold the counter within a few centimeters of the wires before it would go off, due to it being activated by corona. My leads were hardly shielded, and a lot of ion wind and radio frequencies are produced, and these localized energy fields tripped the detector circuit in the counter, resulting in a false reading. all of these problems Irked me into rebuilding the device, and it now produces x-rays as the physics dictated it should. I am very confident in this devices success, and will be posting a video wrap up of its failure, and a revised demonstration video later.



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