Physics and Science

Ultra High Vacuum Research System

I am in the process of building an Ultra High Vacuum system for future projects and experimentation, which will provide me with a means of achieving the extremely low pressures necessary for more highly technical applications, such as that of having a Farnsworth Fusor reach “star” mode, where the highest fusion activity is, and produces more neutrons as a result. As noted in my last vacuum system post, I acquired a Daia DPF-4Z four inch liquid cooled oil diffusion pump with a vapor trap and pirani gauge from a retired SEM, seen below.


This pump marks the most major step in this project, as it is arguably the most important part. I have also built a cooling loop system for this pump’s water jacket, out of a retired sharp water cooler. The water cooler is essentially a stainless bucket with refrigeration lines wrapped around it, so I simply installed a water pump and a return path to make a recirculating heat exchanger, seen below.


The next step will be a vacuum chamber, which I already have plans for, and the subsystems related to running the pumps and cooling lines correctly, with sensors and data recording. Images provided below of the pump, a Daia DPF-4z










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