A Beautiful Old Processor; PowerPC XPC7400

Is it an Intel? An AMD? No! It’s a PowerPC Motorola XPC7400 from a PowerMac G4! I have never owned a mac, and when I got this old G4, I immediately disassembled it and was surprised by this nicely engineered processor daughter board,a nice contrast to the normal socketed processors. shame apple dumped powerpc, it’s always nice to have something a little different from x64/x86.




2 thoughts on “A Beautiful Old Processor; PowerPC XPC7400

  1. My wife found one of these boards in the road yesterday — thanks for letting me know what it is from!

    It was bubble/static-wrapped but had been hit by a car or two. Only the big connector got smashed though, so I might salvage the other parts.

    1. I have a fascination with anything that differs from the norm, and when it comes to computers I’m the same. I just find it to be a fun challenge to do everyday computer tasks on legacy or non-traditional hardware. I still use an old slot 1 Pentium 2 machine to play music.

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